Humble Beginnings: A Collection of Short Stories — Now Available!

Past year, I’ve tried to put together a collection book of all those stories I wrote that had an idea but was missing words, grammar, and/or structure. When I was sick, I had this project to go to and slowly work it up. And it’s finally at the point where I can safely say that it’s nearly ready. In fact, it’s so close to ready that it’s going to be released soon!

3 years ago, I wrote my first piece of writing. Interestingly enough, it was a flash fiction challenge. It was an honest attempt and a first try to put an idea into words. It’s not that I had never tried writing before, but it was the first genuine attempt with a goal to get better. What followed was hundreds of stories that saw both failures and successes. I met many wonderful people who helped me, pushed me forward, and explained to me things as I was five.

This book is a collection of those stories. There will be certainly some parts of familiarity or similarities. In the end, getting better is constantly writing and occasionally reusing the same tropes. But I tried my best, and those are my best tries. These stories are my Humble Beginnings.

There will be total of 28 stories, and every story has also a picture attached to it, some better than others.I’m happy to announce that the 1st of August will be the official release date of my new book, Humble Beginnings. You can get it in 3 formats: e-book, paperback, and hardcover. And guess what it’s already out!

I really encourage you to buy the paperback (or hardcover), as the content is designed for physical touch. While hardcover is also available, it’s more pricey. It’s still an option! You should (sooner or later) be able to order hardcover from amazon too, I still recommend buying it directly from Lulu to support me. There’s a chance that hardcover will be at the beginning lulu-only.

For every story, there is a beginning — a first. When it’s time, a world of possibilities opens up, and it can swallow you whole. 

But what awaits within?

Humanity reaches the space era… or possibly its end.

Death might lurk around the corner — sometimes literally.

And for the first time ever, a beauty contest will feature an orc.

Each of these stories was one of the first steps of the author’s writing journey. Every one of them paints a new world — of good or evil, sadness or joy, serenity or suspense.

Walk the worlds of Matthew E. Damson and experience every new beginning as your own.

Kindle: $2.99

Paperback: $14.99

Hardcover: $29.99

Humble Beginnings: A Collection of Short Stories — Now Available!

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