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Matthew E. Damson is an amateur writer who mostly writes as a hobby, in hopes that maybe he manages to entertain those few who do read his creation.

To be honest, I wish that I could now give you a large list of all those awards, trophies and bestsellers I’ve managed to obtain, but I have none. Thus, I’m an amateur writer and I’m not gonna do the most traditional biography, I’ll leave that to future when I do have a reason for that. Instead, I’ll tell you who I am and in my own words.

My life used to be boring and it was filled with the most basic things I had around. Anime, programming job, games, and series. Rinse and repeat. I’ve always been a fan of creative things; even my job is creative. But I’ve never really managed to just let it all out.

One day I realized that I have nothing to show off and no legacy to leave behind. Everything I created would one day die and be forgotten, not used anymore.

So, I began searching for ways to create something that could last and also would let me empty my mind of all those wonderful creative story ideas. And thinking about the past and remembering that I’ve often liked writing blog posts and such, I finally found writing.

I was horrible at it, especially since English isn’t my native language. I had to choose between writing in English or Estonian. But since Estonia is a too small of a market (no offense), I decided to take up the harder path and learn English, get better at it, and try to write in it.

Yeah… It was and it still is pretty hard…

Since you're reading this, perhaps you're here to give some of my writing a chance? I'd love that. Feel free to read my short stories at my reddit, or perhaps buy my book?
- Matthew E. Damson

Over a long period of time, I got better and got lots of help from many other amateurs and a bit less amateur writers, and also found places where I can post my short stories. I just have to give applause to Reddit’s WritingPrompts subreddit! One response turned into a serial, and I actually managed to finish it thanks to all weekly readers. My first self-published book was released: The Pencil of Truth. It’s still a horrible grammar mess. But it’s still something and a beginning.

After that, I learned even more and got even better. Now I’m writing my second book and touching the world of fantasy. And while doing so, I don’t really care what’s cliche and what’s used… I just want to make my story and my book. Since you’re reading this, perhaps you’re here to give some of my writing a chance? I’d love that. Feel free to read my short stories at my reddit, or perhaps buy my book?

I’ve been barely writing for three years at the moment of writing this, but the future is long, and I do hope to keep it up and self-publish many other books in the years to come. And hey, maybe one day I’ll hire professional biography writer, instead of using this weird text!

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