A single question can change the fates of many.

Kevin is a teenager, who got hold of a magical pencil that will glow whenever the answer he has circled is a lie. With such power, there are an endless number of questions he could ask. But from all the possible questions, he asks one question that changes everything. Who is Kevin’s true love?

But it turns out his ‘true love’ is someone he’d never expected – or even noticed. It’s a girl called Sally, who is being bullied by the most powerful girl in the school. With that knowledge, he goes to the school as usual. When he notices her for what might have been the first time, hiding behind a wall to escape a group of bullies, he can’t ignore her. He decides to act and use the pencil to help her.

But does he use it well? Where will the fate lead them?

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There are many legendary stories about the greatest hero ever known. A hero who owns many names. Or that’s how the public speaks of him. The truth, however, is something very different.

The real story talks about a man, whose life was filled with books and his own made-up adventurer stories. But as he ran out of his parent’s inheritance, he was forced to get an odd job. But what he ended up doing was accidentally killing the strongest Demon King known.

As the law stated, he gained the strongest title one can have – Hero. The title so powerful, that even the greatest show some respect.

But sadly, that was only the beginning of his story. As a fresh title owner, he now had responsibilities of the hero, which weren’t easy. Being weak – without any known powers or experience – there was now a lot on his plate. And not all responsibilities and worries were about fighting or even dangerous…

This is the writing of the legend, by the legend himself.

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Before Matthew E. Damson reached the first and the second book, he practiced his writing a lot by responding to different prompts. Most of those responses were bad, full of horrible grammar and structural issues.

But never-the-less, many of them were also great short stories with some kind of meaning or a twist.

This book holds a collection of such stories, touching different genres and subjects. You can find stories about space, hopes & dreams, life & death, heroes & villains, suspense, horror, love & friendship, magical & magic, sword & fantasy, and many others.

Many of those stories contain some simple art made by different artists and a few words about the story or about the author.

While this story will be sold on Amazon, it will also have a free version (perhaps not as fancy or some fewer stories) that you will get free for subscribing to my mailing list!

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