Everything I’ve linked (except facebook), you can contact me via that quite easily. The fastest way would be via reddit, messaging /u/elfboyah. But please only contact if there’s a real neede fot it!

Matthew E. Damson is my pen name. At this moment, I prefer to keep my real life identity as separate as long as I can.

The main reason for the pen name was because my real name is hard to pronounce for non-Estonian and also to keep writer’s life and work life separated.

Everything I’ve written and posted is under copyright and I own the rights.
However, that does not mean I would not allow anyone to use them. But to be precautions, I would like anyone who would want to use my work to contact me, ask permission and tell me how you’d use it first
I’m often very open, especially if someone uses it for their creative purposes, such as reading into their youtube channel or creating a comic book.
But I do ask always to be credited and forward to this page.

PS: This does not apply to any kind of fanart or fanfiction. Your creation is your own.

Writing is a super expensive hobby. Every part of making book costs. Cover artist costs a lot of money. Editor and proofreader is insanely costly. And that’s fair — they do want to make their own living and buy food on their table.

But for an amateur writer, such as me, it means that I have to pay it from my own pocket or from whatever I manage to earn from the sales and support.

This does usually mean that I try to do everything I can by myself, and give up on some improvement parts, that could be a lot better.

So supporting me means that I can work towards better books and writings. It means that I also have my pills paid and food on the table. And while it’s not necessary, it’s act of kindness.

And there are many kinds of supports. While monetary Patreon helps, telling others about my book, or buying actual book also helps a lot!

Feel free to ask them, by contacting the author via reddit!

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